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CESEM – P PORTO is a branch formed by several professors of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. It is housed in its own room in the Library of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (Instituto Politécnico do Porto – IPP). The following research projects are currently underway:

1. Inventory, cataloging and digitization of the Music Fund of the Former Museum of Ethnography and History – Porto. At the outset, it is important to preserve and disseminate an important musical collection that is in the possession of the Regional Northern Culture Directorate, which contains manuscripts by composers Lucien Lambert (1861-1945) and Hernâni Torres (1881-1939). For the implementation of the project a protocol was signed with the Regional Northern Culture Directorate.

2. The Old Theater of S. João do Porto (1798-1908): heritage and theater culture in Northern Portugal. The main goal of this research project is to study the activity of the head show hall of Porto’s nineteenth century, from a scientific and critical perspective. In September 2017, the international congress “The Old Theater of S. João do Porto (1798-1908): history, cultures and policies of operatic and theatrical spectacle in the long nineteenth century” will be held in Porto.

3. The practice of the canon as a learning tool: A didactic approach to the teaching and interpretation of Renaissance polyphony, a project to be developed by Pedro Sousa Silva. [See Project Proposal]


Integrated members

Ana Maria Liberal da Fonseca

Madalena Abranches de Soveral Torres

Pedro Sousa Silva

Radu Ungureanu

Rosana Marreco Brescia (postdoctoral fellow)

Marco Brescia (postdoctoral fellow)



Fernando Oliveira (research fellow)

Gil Fesch

Pedro Taveira

Sónia Duarte