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A. Soriano Santacruz


A. Soriano Santacruz

Predoctoral researcher

Antonio Soriano started his musical career studying piano at the Alicante and San Vicente del Raspeig conservatories, later graduating in Musicology from the Conservatorio Superior de Música Óscar Esplà de Alicante) in 2014. He furthered his education through a Masters Degree in Spanish and Hispanoamerican Music at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with a practicum conducted at the ICCMU (Instituto Complutense de las Ciencias Musicales).
Early in his musicology degree, showed interest in Spanish musical theatre of the XVIII century, making it the centre of both his degree and masters final dissertation.

He is currently conducting his doctoral thesis, co-directed by Drs Alvaro Torrente and Dra. Judith Ortega, in musicology by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with a highlight on the Comedia con Música of the XVIII century in Madrid and its production context.
In addition to this, Antonio Soriano is and has been a recipient of various grants and awards, from which the CM Predoctoral Research Contract (Youth Employment Initiative – YEI 2018-2019) and the grant for The Training of University Teachers (FPU) stand out.


“¡Viva la autora, que es guapa! Mujer, gestión y teatro musical en el Madrid del Siglo de las Luces: la autora María Hidalgo” en Dieciocho. Vol. 44, Nº 1, pp. 7-38.

“Aquiles en Sciro de Ramón de la Cruz y Blas de Laserna. La pervivencia de Metastasio en las comedias populares en el Madrid de la Ilustración” en Scherzo, Madrid, Nº 360, marzo de 2020, pp. 82-85.

Post-Doc/PhD/Master Thesis
Title Ph.D. Thesis: La música para comedias en el Madrid del siglo XVIII.

Alvaro Torrente

Judith Ortega

Thematic Lines and Research Nucleuses:

Opera Studies

Music and Literature

Caravelas Nucleus

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