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Alê Damasceno


Alê Damasceno


Master in Music by UNICAMP in the area of Musical Performance, Specialist in Teaching in Higher Education by FMU and Bachelor in Music – Drum instrument – by the Faculty of Arts Alcântara Machado, currently holds a PhD in Musical Arts – Performance, by Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He has more than 20 years of experience as a drum teacher at recognized art institutions in São Paulo (Brazil), such as the Alcântara Machado Arts Faculty, Santa Marcelina College and the São Caetano do Sul Arts Foundation. As an instrumentalist, he participated in the recording of several CDs / DVDs of Brazilian popular and instrumental music, among them the DVD of Zizi Possi: Para Inglês Ver e Ouvir, nominated for the 2006 TIM Award. The Novos Ares CDs, by guitarist Flávio Barba . The CD of the singer and composer Cid Campos (son of the poet Augusto de Campos) and the CD Piratininga, from the Brazilian instrumental group Aquilo Del Nisso, which has six albums recorded over the 20 years of its existence. He has also participated in concerts with artists around the world such as Phil deGreg (USA), Vincent Gardner (USA), Miles Osland (USA), Jaques, Henry Greindl (Belgium), Eva Jagun (Germany), Iva Bittova (Czechoslovakia) Caetano Veloso, Arnaldo Antunes, Jaques Morelenbaum, Guinga, Gal Costa, Luiz Melodia, Jonhy Alf, Olívia Byington, Lucinha Lins, Célia, Virginia Rosa, Vanessa da Matta, Paula Lima, Rubi, Roberto Sion, Toninho Ferraguti, Silvio Mazzuca Jr. , João Cristal, Marcelo Gomes, Felipe Ávila. With orchestras and Big Bands, he has participated as a guest of the Diadema Symphonic Jazz, São Caetano do Sul Philharmonic Orchestra, Bachiana Orchestra, Heliopolis Symphony, Folkloric Ballet of the State of São Paulo (Abaçaí) and Grupo Comboio. Currently finishing his first method called Brazilian Grooves, alongside guitarist Flávio Barba and bassist Marinho Andreotti. As a producer, he is also completing his first work, the CD of singer Daniella Alcarpe titled Eu e Ela, with compositions by Joel Damasceno. In addition to researcher of the so-called “Bateria Brasileira”, he is a columnist for the magazine Modern Drummer Brasil and develops alongside drummer and friend Rodrigo “Digão” Brás, Duoavesso, duo of drums, with repertoire focused on this instrument.

Post-Doc/PhD/Master Thesis
Title PhD. Thesis: As Possibilidades Funcionais da Bateria nos Modernos Trios de Piano Jazz: Um enfoque sobre sua capacidade discursiva e fomentadora.

This project of artistic research has as pillar the understanding and analysis of the changes witnessed in the instrument drums, within the musical scope of the modern trios of piano jazz. The cut will occur when we take certain trios, Americans and Brazilians, and by means of a comparative analysis of these, we draw relations that make possible the proposed discussion. It will also be investigated if throughout this history this process occurred in different ways and intensities, within a scenario where the drums is, admittedly, as one of the vertices of this type of musical formation, as well as to see if there is a relation between the development of the instrument with that of the triumvirate itself.

Research Group:

Contemporary Music