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Ana Ester Azevedo da Silva Tavares


Ana Ester Azevedo da Silva Tavares


Ana Ester Tavares (1984) has a degree in Music – Composition from the University of Aveiro, where she also held a Master’s Degree in Teaching – Composition. Currently, she attends the Degree in Art History at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto. In addition to teaching in several schools of specialized artistic education since 2012, she has composed musical works for different ensembles, with national and international premieres. Currently, she is linked to Art’J – the performing arts school of Jobra Educação, where she is a teacher, Supervisor of Professional Aptitude Tests and also assistant coordinator of the school library.
One of her main research interests is musical iconography in 19th century Portuguese painting. In May 2020, she published the chapter “Who plays the carillon does not go in the procession: representations of musical iconography in one of the genre paintings by Augusto Roquemont” in the e-book “Musical Iconography: Portuguese Themes”, IV volume of the CESEM / NOVA FCSH collection.


Iconografia Musical – Temas Portugueses Volume IV | TOMO II | Publisher: CESEM | ISBN: 978-989-33-0342-9 | Pages: 84 | Language: PT-EN

Thematic Lines and Research Nucleuses:

Musical Iconography