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Bruno Gabirro


Bruno Gabirro

Professor de Análise no Conservatório de Música

Bruno Gabirro studied violin with Gareguine Aroutiounian at Academia de Amadores de Música de Lisboa. There he studied also viola with Barbara Friedhoff and Analysis and Techniques of Composition with Eurico Carrapatoso. He studied Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon.
In 2006 he received his Honors Degree in Composition at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa and in 2008 the Master’s Degree in Composition at the Royal Academy of Music in London.
Whilst in London he worked regularly with Peter Maxwell Davies. From 2003 to 2010 he worked regularly with Emmanuel Nunes during the Gulbenkian Foundation Composition Seminars in Lisbon. In 2014 he realized an artistic residency in Madrid granted by Casa de Velázquez and the Ibero-American Secretary
He is now preparing his Doctorate Thesis on Luigi Nono’s and Emmanuel Nunes’ String Quartets under the guidance of Paulo de Assis at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. His music is published by Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre.


Cadavres Exquis – Portuguese Composers of the 21st Century; miso records – mcd036.13, 2014.

Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble Vol.II; miso records – mcd033.13, 2014.

Animatic Volume 6: Le meilleur de l’animation internationale; DVD Editions Chalets Pointu, 2009.

Post-Doc/PhD/Master Thesis
Title PhD. Thesis: Luigi Nono e Emmanuel Nunes: Quartetos de Cordas

Paulo de Assis

Scholarship Reference: SFRH/BD/62762/2009/J5373986A4T9

Taking as object of study the Luigi Nono and Emmanuel Nunes string quartets, and relating them with the string quartets sketches and studies from their «apprentice years», I pretend to know how those string quartets integrate in their work, and in what form they relate with the «string quartet» understood as an historical instrument ensemble. In that way I pretend to achieve a broadening of knowledge on the string quartet, in particular of the second half of the XXth century string quartet, giving Luigi Nono and Emmanuel Nunes as paradigmatic cases in each of their generations.

Research Group:

Contemporary Music