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Fernando dos Santos


Fernando dos Santos

M. A. Student

The saxophonist, educator, and researcher Fernando dos Santos (1993) is currently working on his Master in Music at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ, Brazil). He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music (Saxophone Performance, 2016) and a degree in Music Education (2017) at Faculdade Integral Cantareira (FIC). He has Technical in Choral Conducting (2011) and Composition and Arrangement (2012) by Escola Técnica de Artes, Centro Paula Souza. He also studied Music Production (2013) at SP Escola de Teatro. He started his music studies at Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo (EMESP) and throughout his studies, he went through Conservatório Dramático e Musical ‘Dr. Carlos de Campos’.
His research explores the contemporary music performance from 20th to 21st century, focuses on the performance of Ibero-American contemporary music ensembles, and collaboration with composers. As a performer, he is invited to premiere pieces in collaboration with Brazilian and international composers. He participated in concerts of the “XXIX Panaroma de Música Brasileira Atual” (Rio de Janeiro), “Série de Concertos do studio PANaroma com PUTS” (São Paulo), “Festival Música Estranha” (São Paulo), and others. He has also a member founder of In ensemble and has been contributing with Ateliê Contemporâneo (São Paulo) and UFRJ sax ensemble (Rio de Janeiro) for interpretations (also with electronic) of 20th- and 21st-centuries repertoire.


SANTOS, F. H. Ibero-American contemporary music ensembles: ‘ABSTRAI ensemble’ as a case study. In: Nova Contemporary Music Meeting (Musical Performance as Creation). Lisbon, 2021.

SANTOS, F. H.; RIBEIRO, G.; OILVEIRA, L. Musical creation based on images of the composer-performers on ‘El ojo de la mujer’, for singer and saxophonist. In: Nova Contemporary Music Meeting (Musical Performance as Creation). Lisbon, 2021.

SANTOS, F. H. Charlie Parker: análise melódica do solo de ‘Just friends’ (1949). Monografia – Faculdade Integral Cantareira, 2018.

SANTOS, F. H.; MARCONDES, M. A. A improvisação aplicada na educação musical: o desenvolvimento do ritmo no processo ensino-aprendizagem, Monografia – Faculdade Integral Cantareira, 2017.

Post-Doc/PhD/Master Thesis
Title Masters Degree Thesis - A performance musical no século XXI: abordagens e processos criativos de conjuntos ibero americanos de música contemporânea

Dr. Pedro Bittencourt

Scholarship Reference: Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior, CAPES, Brasil.

The ensemble performance involves a social and musical interaction between a group of performers, in which interpersonal alignment processes and performance parameters occur, depending on practical procedures. In their construction, they rely on complex processes with deep details about music and other areas that work together. The processes of creating contemporary works present new challenges for musicians and ensembles that are confronted with a modern musical universe. This research aims to discuss a musical performance in three Ibero-American ensembles of contemporary music, taking into account the choice of repertoires, the objectives of the rehearsal and the various processes of performance construction. The study is based on the theories of the authors Elaine Goodman (2006), Sonia Ray (2005) and the perspective of the author Peter Keller (2015). The ensembles ABSTRAI ensemble (Brazil); CEPROMUSIC ensamble (Mexico) Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa (Portugal) are examined to offer a reflection on a musical performance in the 21st century, discussing the prospects for promoting the repertoire of contemporary music in their territory, as well as the difficulties and solutions for its maintenance as your activities. The research, above all, presents a composer-interpreter collaboration, especially focusing on joint composer collaboration.

Research Group:

Contemporary Music