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María Ruiz Luque


María Ruiz Luque

PhD. Student

I studied Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and did a master’s degree in Advanced Studies in Philosophy at the same university. I am currently developing my doctoral research project at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid while studying singing and musical language. My interests focus on social and political philosophy and aesthetics.

Post-Doc/PhD/Master Thesis
Title PhD.: Sobre la relación sujeto/objeto en la sociedad contemporánea a través del pensamiento de Th. W. Adorno. Una aproximación desde su teoría estética.
José Antonio Zamora Zaragoza
Scholarship Reference: Bolsa Santander-UAM Movilidad de jóvenes investigadores
My work focuses on certain aspects of Theodor W. Adorno’s thought on the mutations of contemporary social and subjective experience in the context of the crisis of advanced capitalism and its transcription in artistic forms. More specifically, I am tracing the relationship between the contents of social experience and the development of certain forms of expression and exhibition, fundamentally literary and musical, linked to the historical avant-gardes. The objective, ultimately, is to reflect through these works on one of the basic conflicts of modernity: the domination of the subject over the object, which constitutes the central nerve of social and political problems of great relevance today. Based on the updates of the critical theory of Adorno developed by Professor Robert Hullot-Kentor, I intend to underline the problem of the relationship between subject and object today as a socio-historical conflict of the first order on which we must focus our attention. For this, artistic practice constitutes a very valuable laboratory that allows thinking and developing alternative forms of praxis guided by the primacy of the object, that would allow a less violent, richer, polysemic and critical relationship between subjectivity and objectivity.
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Music and Literature

Luso-Brazilian Studies