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Pedro Marquês de Sousa


Pedro Marquês de Sousa

Professor (Tenente-Coronel)

Professor at the Military Academy. Master in History, University of Lisbon (2008)and PHd by FCSH Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2014). As an Army officer participated in the UN mission in East Timor (UNTAET) in 2000-2001. It was Vice President of the Military Academy Research Centre (cinnamyl). Is Director of the Journal of Azeitão since 2013, he was president of the Philharmonic Society Providence V. F. Azeitão between 2003 and 2015. He is Vice-President of the Cultural Association Sebastião da Gama. Was editor of Artillery Magazine (1997-1999) and member of the Editorial board Proelium (Military Academy). He is a member of the Military Magazine. He attended the National Conservatory (1982 – 1986) Course of Saxophone. Author of four books on the history of bands and military music and several articles on the same theme. Author and co-author of several books and articles on military history of Portugal. He was awarded the Medal of Cultural Merit by the Government of the Portuguese Republic (Secretary of State for Culture) in 1Set2014 and by the city of Setubal with the City Medal in 15Set2015.


Sousa, Pedro Marquês de (2016). As bandas Filarmónicas no Distrito de Setúbal – Origem e Evolução da sua actividade, Federação Distrital das Coletividades de Cultura e Recreio.

Sousa, Pedro Marquês de (2013). Toques de Ordenança Militar, Principia Editora.

Sousa, Pedro Marquês de (2010). Hinos Patrióticos e Militares Portugueses, EME.

Sousa, Pedro Marquês de (2008). História da Música militar Portuguesa, Tribuna da História.

Research Group:

Music in the Modern Period