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Riccardo Wanke


Riccardo Wanke

Assistant Professor

Riccardo Wanke is a versatile experienced researcher, having expanded his research skills in musicology (PhD), with fieldworks in Portugal, France, and UK. He is a member of the Centre for the Study of Sociology and Aesthetics of Music (CESEM) at NOVA University of Lisbon (PT), and currently collaborates with Prof. Makis Solomos at the Université Paris 8 (FR) and Prof. Michael Clarke at Huddersfield University (UK). Since 2015, he signed 13 peer-reviewed contributions as first author in the field of musicology (3 journal articles, 1 book chapter, 9 publications at international conferences) and published 9 releases as music promoter (composer, performer, music producer and editor). His current domains of specialisation are (i) 20th and 21st century music: historical, social and technological aspects of experimental music practices; (ii) music/sound perception and cognition; (iii) music analysis (spectral, aural and score-based); (iv) socio-cultural models of listening to contemporary art music and (v) electronic and electroacoustic sound manipulation. He carried out supplementary musicological studies at the University of Paris 8 (FR) and Huddersfield (UK) and musical studies of piano, harmony, theory, composition, improvisation; courses of saxophone, guitar, electronic devices, modular synths; and he acquired skills in audio circuit bending and instrument preparation/modification. He also holds a previous PhD and a 3-year post-doc experience in Natural Science (Chemistry), having published more the 15 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, a book chapter and a patent; and co-supervised researches of BSc, Msc and PhD students. His background in natural science emerges in the central focus of his musicological interest: the experimental nature of music practices and the theoretical and analytical approach to music studies. As a composer and performer, he has performed live worldwide and published music for international labels (USA, CH, IT, PT, MX).


(2019). “A unified approach to perceiving sound in current experimental music genres”. Filigrane. Musique, esthétique, sciences, société. n°23. L’éthique du son 23. <http://revues.mshparisnord.org/filigrane/index.php?id=879>.

(2017). “The Emergence of an Ecstatic-materialist Perspective as a Cross-genre Tendency in Experimental Music”. Organised Sound 22 (03): 428-436. <https://doi.org/10.1017%2Fs1355771817000437>.

(2015). “A Cross-genre Study of the (Ec)Static Perspective of Today’s Music”. Organised Sound 20 (03): 331-339. <http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/s1355771815000266>.

Research Group:

Contemporary Music

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