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José Bica


José Bica

[:pt]Engenheiro de Som[:]
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interested by sound, his techniques and knowledge are not only related to sound, but as well in the manner as it propagates in the space and connects to different kinds of media and art representations. His research focus soundscape and sound effects composition, acoustic ecology, acoustics and psychoacoustics dealing with communication. The assumed interest in exploring interactivity using diverse programming ambients led him to focus on the use and manipulation of sound to produce installations and also for the creation of experimental poetics and textures in a musical or cinematic approaching. He has experience doing sound, as boom operator, sound recordist and sound designer in projects regarding documentary and fiction films. He is now exploring interactivity and spatial audio to VR and AR environments.

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Música Contemporânea

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Efeitos Terapêuticos da Música SociMus CysMus