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Martine Van Puyvelde


Martine Van Puyvelde

Visiting Professor Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium)
Nota Biográfica:

Dr. Martine Van Puyvelde is a Belgian post-doc researcher (VIPER-lab Life Sciences/Vrije Universiteit Brussel) working in two research domains. The first domain concerns physiological, cognitive and voice-related aspects in human performance, in particular in subjects operating in extreme conditions such as hypobaric hypoxic environments and (sensorial) deprived environments. The studies in VIPER are executed in collaboration with several national and international partners such as the Military Hospital of Brussels (Belgium), the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Prof. K. Vicsi), the University of Stuttgart (‘Institut für Raumfahrtsysteme’) and the European Science Agency. The second research domain involves infant psychophysiological development and the ontogeny of music and language. Current international collaborations within this domain are 1/ a series of studies into the meaning of consonance and dissonance in cross-model tasks in adults and infants in collaboration with the InfantLab of Middlesex University London (Dr. F. Franco), Università degli Studi dell’ Aquila (Prof. M. Mazza) and the Music Cognition Laboratory of the Technical University Dresden (Dr. F. Bravo), 2/ a series of studies into the physiological underpinnings of touch and voice contact between mothers and babies in full-term and pre-term infants in collaboration with the Somatosensory & Affective Neuroscience Group at the School of Natural Sciences & Psychology, Liverpool JM University (Prof. Francis McGlone) and, 3/ a series of studies into infant behavioral responses towards artistic performances and a study into self-reported emotional intensity and physiological events during music perception in collaboration with LAMCI-CESEM Universidade Nova Lisboa (Prof. H. Rodrigues, Ms. L. Tender, Ms. M. Vences). Martine Van Puyvelde is currently visiting professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel where she lectures the courses Biological Psychology and Personality -& Behavioral Disorders. She is lecturer Developmental Psychology and coordinator of a new collaborative BabyLab (VUB-ULB-Klankendaal) at the Flemish Centre for Music Education Klankendaal in Mechelen. She is a licensed Relation –and Family Therapist and plays flute and piccolo.

Grupo de Investigação:

Educação e Desenvolvimento Humano