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Ivan Moody


Ivan Moody

Nota Biográfica:

Ivan Moody studied music and theology at the Universities of London, Joensuu and York (where he took his Ph.D). He studied composition with Brian Dennis, Sir John Tavener and William Brooks and his music has been performed and broadcast all over the world, and recorded on labels such as Hyperion, ECM, Telarc, Warner Classics, Sony, Linn, Orange Mountain and Challenge. He has been commissioned and performed by many of the world’s outstanding performers, including the Hilliard Ensemble, the Tallis Scholars, Chanticleer, the BBC Singers, the English Chamber Choir, Raphael Wallfisch, Paul Barnes, Suzie LeBlanc, Cappella Romana, the Coro Nacional de España, the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir, Trio Mediaeval, Singer Pur, the Goeyvaerts Trio and the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. His largest works to date are Passion and Resurrection (1992), the Akathistos Hymn (1998) and Qohelet (2013). Other significant works include The Dormition of the Virgin (2003), the double-bass concerto The Morning Star (2003), the piano concerto Linnunlaulu (2003), Passione Popolare (2005), Ossetian Requiem (2005), the tuba concerto Pipistrello (2007), Stabat Mater (2008), Moons and Suns (2008), the piano quintet Nocturne of Light (2009), the bass clarinet concerto Dragonfly (2013), Simeron (2013) for vocal trio and string trio, and the Dante Trilogy (2014) for choir and ensemble. He has recently completed works for the pianist Artur Pizarro and for soprano Suzie Leblanc, Tapestry, and the brass ensemble Septura, and is currently working on new commissions for New York Polyphony, the flautist Monik Streitová and the Belorussiamn State Chamber Choir. (For further information see http://www.ivanmoody.co.uk.) As a conductor, he has directed many choirs and vocal groups, including Voces Angelicae and the Kastalsky Chamber Choir in Britain (both of which he founded), Capilla Peña Florida in Spain (with whom in 1992 he gave, at the invitation of Radio Nacional de España, the inaugural concert in celebration of Columbus Day, broadcast live to more than 30 countries), Ensemble Alpha, the Pravoslava chamber choir, the Early Music Ensemble of the UFF (Brazil), the Winterthur Vocal Ensemble (Switzerland), the Chanters of St John the Theologian (Finland), Sforzinda (Spain), the choir of St George’s Cathedral, Novi Sad (Serbia), the Odyssea Choir (Portugal) and the Chamber Choir of the Academy of Arts (Serbia). He is a frequent guest conductor with Cappella Romana, and has worked with them on contemporary Orthodox choral music (such as the monumental Penitential Verses by Alfred Schnittke) and music from Serbia, Bulgaria and Finland (a project which resulted in the CD recording Arctic Light). He is a co-founder, together with Peter Phillips, Pedro Teixeira and Jordi Abelló, of the annual choral course Victoria 400, held in Barcelona, and has lectured at and served on juries for presigious choral festivals such as Europa Cantat, Pomorie (Bulgaria) and Hajnowka (Poland). As a musicologist he has written extensively on contemporary music and sacred music, publishing a book, Modernism and Orthodox Spirituality in Contemporary Music, in 2014. He is a researcher the CESEM research unit at the Universidade Nova in Lisbon, and current research projects include comparative work on contemporary music in Balkan and Mediterranean cultures, as well as co-editing a volume of essays entitled Aspects of Christian Culture in Byzantium and Eastern Christianity: Word, Sound and Image in the Context of Liturgical and Christian Symbolism, to be published by the Institute of Musicology in Belgrade in 2017. He is a protopresbyter of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, in the Diocese of Spain and Portugal, and is Chairman of the International Society for Orthodox Church Music (www.isocm.com).


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