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CD Release “Marcos Portugal: sacred music published in the 19th century”

11/12/2019 @ 18:00 - 20:00

The international notoriety of the Portuguese-Brazilian composer Marcos Portugal (Lisbon, 24 March 1762 – Rio de Janeiro, 17 February 1830), unparalleled in the history of music in Portugal or Brazil, rests upon his dramatic oeuvre, which achieved hundreds of productions and thousands of performances in theatres of more than a hundred European cities with a tradition in Italian opera. The spread of his operas and their popularity motivated close to 80 editions during the 18th and 19th centuries, especially in England and Germany.

Unlike the operatic genre, Marcos Portugal’s extensive sacred production (over 160 works) is mostly known in Portugal and Brazil; in mainland Portugal some works (Missa Grande [c. 1782, P 01.09 *], Te Deum [1802, P 04.08 *] and Matinas da Conceição [1802, P 03.05 *]) remained in repertoire until early twentieth century and acquired paradigm status. In this context, it is remarkable that four of his sacred works were published in England and France during the nineteenth century. These four works (critical editions published in 2017 – António Jorge Marques, Marcos Portugal (1762-1830): 19th century sacred music editions, Lisbon, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal/Coro de Câmara de Lisboa/CESEM) are: 1. Mass [P 01.17, V1*] (1783-4, published partially in 1822 by Vincent Novello (VN) (1781-1861)); 2. Te Deum [P 04.08, V2*] (1802, partially edited by VN in c. 1818 and 1822); 3. Tantum ergo [P 04.04, V1*] (published in Paris in 1864 by Pierre-Louis-Philippe Dietsch (1808-1865)); and 4. O quam suavis [P 05.11, V1*] (published in London by Richard Butler c. 1840; no copy of the publication was found). It is these four works that have been recorded and are included in the CD titled Marcos Portugal: música religiosa publicada no século XIX | sacred music published in the 19th century.

Presentation by Teresita Gutierrez Marques (Artistic director of the Lisbon Chamber Choir), Prof. Manuel Pedro Ferreira (President of CESEM) and António Jorge Marques (Researcher, CESEM).

*Refers to the entries of the sacred oeuvre thematic catalogue: P = Portugal (António Jorge Marques, A obra religiosa de Marcos António Portugal (1762-1830): catálogo temático, crítica de fontes e de texto, proposta de cronologia, Lisboa, BNP/CESEM, 2012, pp. 331-688).


Auditório Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal
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Lisboa, 1749-081 Portugal
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