Rui Faustino

Rui Filipe Jesus Faustino

Grupo de Investigação
Nota Biográfica

Rui Faustino (*1975), born in Algarve, Portugal. In 1994 he got admitted in Escola Profissional de Música de Espinho, in the percussion course under Miguel Bernat. Here he attended workshops with Percussion Group Cincinnati, Kroumata Percussion Ensemble and Fritz Hauser. From 1997 on, he attends the Hot Club Portugal studying jazz with João Moreira, Bernardo Moreira and drums with Aldo Caviglia, workshops with Gregory Tardy, Chris Cheek, Billy Hart. In 2002 he got admitted in Universität der Künste, Berlin, where he studied with David Friedman and Jerry Granelli. Workshops with Joey Baron, Jamey Haddad, Matt Garrison. In 2016 initiated his master studies in musical arts under direction of Isabel Pires. Mainly a jazz and improv musician, bandleader of FREN Quartet with Silke Eberhard, Nikolaus Neuser and Jan Roder. Their CD, 50 for Jacc Records was praised both by national and international critics and was mentioned among the best releases of the year by All About Jazz. He also worked with Axel Dörner, Antonio Borghini, J.P. Esteves da Silva, Carlos “Bechegas”, Nuno Ferreira, Mathias Bauer, Tobias Delius, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, among others. He made music for film, theater and dance.