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Rosana Marreco Brescia


Rosana Marreco Brescia

FCT Post-doctoral fellow

Rosana Marreco Brescia holds an under graduation in Music from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Belo Horizonte – Brazil), a Master in Music Performance from the Manhattan School of Music (New York – USA), a postgraduate Diploma from the Royal Academy of Music (London – GB), a Master in History from the Université Sorbonne – Paris IV (Paris – France), a PhD in Modern and Contemporary History from the Université Sorbonne – Paris IV and in Musical Sciences from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Lisbon – Portugal). Her thesis entitled C’est là que l’on joue la comédie: les Casas da Ópera en Amérique Portugaise (1719-1819) received the mention « très honorable » and it was published in 2012 by Paco Editorial in Brazil. Rosana received the Alex Templeton Scholarship from the Royal Academy of Music in London, a scholarship from the Vitae Foundation in Brazil, a research scholarship for foreigners from the Gulbenkian Foundation in Portugal and a PhD scholarship from the Foundation for Science and Technology of Portugal. She currently holds a post-doctoral research fellowship from the Foundation for Science and Technology. Rosana takes part regularly in several conferences in Portugal and abroad, such as the Convegno della Società Italiana de Musicologia, Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Musicología, International Musicological Society, Encontro Nacional de Musicologia, International Conference on Baroque Music, amongst others. She has articles published in Brazil, Portugal, United States, Spain, France and Italy.


MARRECO BRESCIA, Rosana. Le théâtre de l’Éphémère au XVIIIe siècle en Amérique Portugaise: fêtes publiques et représentations théâtrales – Caravelles, Cahier du monde hispanique et luso-brésilien. Toulouse: Université de Toulouse – Institut d’Études Hispaniques, Hispano-Americaines et Luso Brésiliennes.Numéro 100 – Junho de 2013.ISSN: 1147-6753.

MARRECO BRESCIA, Rosana. Half-Caste Actresses in Portuguese American Opera Houses – Latin American Theatre Review. Kansas: University of Kansas, 2012. ISSN 0023-8813. Spring 2012, pp.5-19.

MARRECO BRESCIA, Rosana. El teatro de los mulatos: las actrices de las Casas de Ópera luso-americanas en los siglos XVIII y XIX. Cuadernos de Musica Iberoamericana. Madrid: Instituto Complutense de Ciencias Musicales, 2012, Numero 23. Fevereiro de 2012. ISSN 1136-5532.

MARRECO BRESCIA, Rosana. Os Teatros Públicos na Capital das Minas setecentistas: da Casa da Ópera de Vila Rica ao Theatro do Ouro Preto. REVISTA IEB (Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros) – Universidade de São Paulo. São Paulo: Universidade de São Paulo, 2011, pp. 89-106, n°52. ISSN 0020-3874. URL.

Post-Doc/PhD/Master Thesis
Title Post doctoral Thesis: A Cenografia Teatral de raiz Italiana nos Teatros Portugueses do século XVIII
Scholarship Reference: SFRH/BPD/70660/2010

The present thesis proposes the study of the theatrical activity developed in the permanent theatres built in Portuguese America during the 18th and early decades of the 19th century, focusing on the idealizers of the Casas da Ópera, the financial means to build and maintain these theatres, the staged repertoire, the artists performing in these companies, the audiences and the opportunities for sociability established in the theatrical space, besides the architectural models which have inspired the construction of these opera houses in the mentioned period. These five main axes emphasize the interdisciplinary approach which has guided our studies, in order to contribute to a more complete understanding of our research topic. Keywords: Theatres, Opera, Portuguese America, Half-caste actors, Ephemeral Theatres, Portuguese Comedies, Luso-american Theatrical Architecture, Casa da Ópera of Vila Rica / Ouro Preto.