Lost&Found: Analysing and reconstructing sixteenth-century Portuguese polyphony

Investigador Responsável: João Pedro d’ Alvarenga

Investigador Co-responsável: Manuel Pedro Ferreira

Grupo de Investigação: Grupo de Estudos de Música Antiga


The Lost&Found project explores the neglected repertories of mid to late sixteenth-century Portuguese polyphony by analysing coherent collections of complete works and essaying the reconstruction of missing voices in incomplete sets of manuscript partbooks. It is part of a larger project dealing with Medieval and early modern fragmentary sources of music, PTDC/ART-PER/0902/2020, currently run in CESEM – Centre for the Study of the Sociology and Aesthetics of Music at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, and funded by the Government of Portugal through the FCT – Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. Downloadable editions of the analysed and the reconstructed works are made available in MEI and PDF formats for study and performance purposes. Lost&Found also has a pedagogical scope as it includes a thesaurus of musical types and a searchable database of analytical observations that can be used by anyone aiming at advancing in the study of Renaissance polyphonic music.

The research line of Lost&Found devoted to polyphony specifically focuses on the works attributed or attributable to Francisco de Santa Maria surviving in manuscript choirbooks and partbooks from the Augustinian Canon Regulars Monastery of Santa Cruz in Coimbra, Portugal, which are now part of the collection of the University of Coimbra General Library (P-Cug). This corpus can be regarded as exemplary of local composition of polyphonic music in the 1560s and 1570s

Palavras-chave: Polyphony | Digital Musicology | Fragmentology


Technical Team : Rui Araújo (CESEM, NOVA FCSH), Technical Coordinator | José Nelson Cordeniz (Independent), Music Engraver | Alexandre Dias (Squarebit), Software Developer | Tiago Fernandes (Squarebit), IT Manager

Editorial Team : João Pedro d’Alvarenga (CESEM, NOVA FCSH) | Luísa Correia Castilho (CESEM and ESART – I.P. Castelo Branco) | Nuno de Mendonça Raimundo (CESEM, NOVA FCSH) | Pedro Sousa Silva (CESEM, ESMAE – I.P. Porto)

Analysts : João Pedro d’Alvarenga (CESEM, NOVA FCSH)

ESMAE Team: Ánxela Vidal Trabada | Beatriz Amaral | Carolina Gomes Pereira | Irene Brigitte Puzzo | Jesús Riveira Campillo | Leonor Oliveira e Silva | Maria Inês Cunha | Patrícia Pescadinha | Pedro Guedes Marques | Sofia Pimenta | Víctor Manuel Reza Villanueva

Website: https://lostandfound.fcsh.unl.pt/

Instituição Financiadora: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia

Financiamento: 244.770,57€

Estado: em execução

Data de início: 01-03-2021

Data de fim: 29-02-2024

Referência: PTDC/ART-PER/0902/2020