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Andrew Woolley


Andrew Woolley

FCT Researcher

Andrew Woolley is an FCT Investigator and member of the group “Estudos de música antiga” within CESEM. His musicological research combines archival work, codicological study, and musical analysis. He is a specialist on the sources and style of late seventeenth-century English music, particularly keyboard, and of Italian and French music in England c.1650–1750. His doctorate (University of Leeds, 2008) was on English keyboard sources ca.1660–1720 and he has been a researcher and lecturer at the University of Edinburgh (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, 2011–13) and Bangor University (Lecturer in Music, 2013–14). As an FCT Investigator (2016–) he will research the codicology of Portuguese music sources ca.1640–1720 as the basis for a study of Portuguese compositional practice of this period, especially in relation to a wider European context.


Andrew WOOLLEY, English Keyboard Music 1650–1695: Perspectives on Purcell, Purcell Society Companion Series, 6 (Stainer and Bell, London, forthcoming) Andrew WOOLLEY, “England”, in The Cambridge Companion to the Harpsichord, edited by Mark Kroll (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming). Andrew WOOLLEY (2017): “Snapshots of a Genre in the Making: Francesco Geminiani’s ‘Sonate a violino’, Op. 1, and Francesco Scarlatti’s 11 Sonatas a4 as Precursors of English Corellian Concertos”, Pietro Marchitelli, Michele Mascitti e la Scuola strumentale Napoletana, ed. C. Ortolani and F. Zimei (Libreria Musicale Italiana).

Research Group:

Early Music Studies