Recensões sobre publicação de uma Investigadora do CESEM, Jelena Novak

1) Cambridge Opera journal: ‘Here Be Dragons’: Voice and Opera at the Edge of the Map By Cecilia Livingston core/journals/cambridge-opera- journal/article/here-be- dragons-voice-and-opera-at- the-edge-of-the-map/6A954F87FE3F92DAA0985CC6EBEA82 BE

2) Tempo: Postopera: Reinventing the Voice-Body by Jelena Novak by Rebecca Lentjes core/journals/tempo/article/ postopera-reinventing-the- voicebody-by-jelenanovak- ashgate-publishing-2015-6000/96C6DA678F9B42CD9CC3AFCBDB55CB07

3) International Journal for Music New Sound n.47: Katrin Stock, Leipzig University, pdf/en/ns47/129-131_Stock.pdf

4) Studies in Musical Theatre: POSTOPERA: REINVENTING THE VOICE-BODY, JELENA NOVAK by Pamela Karantonis content/intellect/smt/2016/ 00000010/00000002/art00009; jsessionid=585mp3ssa2g03.x-ic- live-02

5) Dragana Stojanovic, journal Muzikologija (forthcoming 2017)

Concerning the synthesis and book contents maybe the best is to refer to the website of Routledge where these information are already posted: