Chamada para comunicações: Intermediality in Iberian Manuscripts: Materiality and Meaning in Context I-II

Organizers: Elsa De Luca (Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical, NOVA University of Lisbon) and Alicia Miguélez (Instituto de Estudos Medievais, NOVA University of Lisbon)

The Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Medieval (CESEM) and the Instituto de Estudos Medievais (IEM) of the NOVA University of Lisbon are organizing two sessions for scholars working in the following areas: Musicology, Art History, Political and Social History, Codicology and Palaeography, Philosophy, Literature and Material studies.

We aim to approach Iberian manuscripts from the point of view of their materiality and production processes as well as from analysis of their artistic and literary meanings and contents. These two sessions promote an intense engagement with the concept of ‘intermediality’. Manuscripts are multifaceted and can be seen as material artefacts and as repositories of artistic creations, ideas, concepts, as well as of Iberian culture in a broader sense. The concept of intermediality helps us to understand how these aspects interact and can be approached by discussing texts, images and music, but also techniques, institutions, communities, geographical spaces, and changes along time. Concepts such as convergence, combination, influence, interaction, dependence (both explicit and implicit), communication, transmission, reception, integration, common and multiple discourse, might also be explored.

Intermediality will be tackled from both a methodological and epistemological perspective. Indeed, we encourage the analysis of case studies by multidisciplinary teams that work together by applying knowledge and methods that complement one another in addition to papers from individual researchers.

The deadline for sending the proposals is September 15, 2018. Please send your proposal (up to 300 words) and CV to Alicia Miguélez ( More info at:

Papers accepted for presentation will be considered for publication in a journal special issue.


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