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Eva Mathilde Correia Ribeiro


Eva Mathilde Correia Ribeiro


Eva Mathilde Ribeiro, born in Santa Maria da Feira, is in the Master of Musical Sciences in the field of Historical Musicology at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. In 2021, she concluded her Degree in Musical Sciences at the same institution. Throughout her academic career, she carried out internships at the Museu Nacional da Música, as well as at the Early Music Studies Group at CESEM, where she also received a Research Initiation Grant under the project “Texts and voices lost and found. Recovering, reconstituting, and recreating musical fragments (c.1100-c.1600)”. At the same time, she participated in the Symposion EPC2021, on the theme “Fado – Severa” and participated as a volunteer in the 49th International Conference of Medieval and Renaissance Music.
She is currently a research fellow in the project “Paper studies of music and calligraphy in Portugal (18th and 19th centuries): the case study of the Fundo do Conde de Redondo”.

Scholarship Reference: PTDC/ART-PER/0902/2020
Research Group:

Early Music Studies