Ethics Committee

The mission of CESEM’s Ethics Committee is to promote reflection and contribute to the continuous improvement of scientific research by CESEM members, to safeguard ethical principles in their specific areas of intervention, in the general operation of the Research Unit, and in relation to society.

  • Maria José Artiaga (President)
  • Luísa Castilho
  • Ana Isabel Pereira
  • Rosana Brescia (Substitute)

Within the scope of CESEM’s activities, including applications for projects funded by FCT or another national or international organisation, researchers who intend to carry out any research involving living human beings or records about them, including sensitive data (e.g. name, identification number, location data, economic, cultural identity, racial or ethnic origin, philosophical or religious beliefs, health data, among others) must request an opinion on their projects and procedures.

Masters/ Ph.D./ Postdoctoral students who are supervised by CESEM’s integrated members and are enrolled in these study cycles at any of the organisational units associated with CESEM [NOVA FCSH, University of Évora, ESML – IPL, ESMAE-P.PORTO] must submit a request for an opinion on their projects to the ethics committees of the respective organisational units. However, whenever the work carried out to obtain the degree is part of a project covered by CESEM’s funding, they may submit this request for an ethical approval statement to the Ethics Committee of this research unit.

Requests for ethical approval statements should be sent to