IN2PAST Lab is dedicated to the study and intervention in the areas of cultural heritage, arts and memory policies, supported by the development of a research career in these areas and being a privileged partner of state, associative bodies, services and facilities and private companies dedicated to cultural, material and immaterial heritage.


Coordinating Unit

HERCULES | HERCULES Laboratory – Cultural Heritage, Studies, and Safeguarding | UÉVORA
Coordinator: António Candeias (HERCULES/UE)


Participating Units

Lab2PT | Landscape, Heritage and Territory Laboratory | UMinho
IHA | Art History Institute | NEW FCSH
CHAIA | Centre for the History of Art and Artistic Research | UÉVORA
HCI | Institute of Contemporary History | NOVA, UEVORA
CRIA | Centre for Research in Anthropology | ISCTE, NOVA FCSH, UCoimbra, UMinho
CESEM | Sociology and Musical Aesthetics Study Centre | NOVA FCSH


Thematic Lines

TL1 – Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage
TL2 – Landscapes, Territories and Cultural Heritage
TL3 – Museums, Monuments, and their collections
TL4 – Archives – from preventive preservation to digitisation
TL5 – Cultural Circulation, Public Policies of Memory, and Inclusive Citizenship


Financed by FCT, I. P. (LA/P/0132/2020)