CESEM com 3 projectos financiados através do concurso FCT 2021: 2 PeX e 1 IC&DT (como instituição participante)

O CESEM teve 3 projectos financiados no Concurso FCT – Projetos de IC&DT 2021:

  • Music paper and handwriting studies in Portugal (18th and 19th centuries): the case study of the collection of the Count of Redondo do investigador António Jorge Marques com a referência EXPL/ART-PER/0749/2021.
  • The Musical Manuscripts from the Monastery of Belém: the Exploration of an Unknown Hieronymite Tradition da investigadora Océane Boudeau com a referência EXPL/ART-PER/1031/2021.
  • (como instituição participante): Magic Lantern – Study, Safeguard, Uses and Reuses in 19th-Century Portugal com IP: Márcia Gomes Vilarigues e co-IP: Luísa Cymbron, referência PTDC/ART-PER/1702/2021.