Creation, circulation, audio recording and editing of works of contemporary Portuguese music, in a reflexive perspective (CCRE-MPC)

Main Researcher: Carlos Marecos

Team: Carlos Marecos (ESML) Carlos Caires (ESML) António Pinho Vargas (ESML) José Luís Ferreira (ESML) Francisco Santiago (ESML) Sérgio Henriques (ESML) Carlos Azevedo (ESMAE) Gustavo Almeida (ESMAE) Christopher Bochmann (UÉvora)

This project involves the 3 CESEM’s poles (ESML, ESMAE and UÉvora) and aims to encourage and support the creation, circulation, audio recording and editing of contemporary Portuguese music works in score, CD and online, in a reflective perspective, involving the areas of composition, performance and sound and music technologies.