José Mário Branco

José Mário Branco is one of the personalities that most marked Portuguese music since the 1960s, as a singer, composer / arranger and music producer. His artistic impact was felt both in the record domain, and in the context of live, musical or theatrical performances. As a result of his activity, he formed a documentary archive, composed of scores, parts, audio files, mappings of albums and shows, professional correspondence, etc. This file, kept in the residence itself, was temporarily made available to CESEM for categorization, digitalization, hygiene and repackaging. At the end of the process, it was agreed that these digital materials, coherently organized, would be inserted in a database of their own, for free online consultation, designed as an auxiliary instrument for the study, dissemination and social reappropriation of their work. The structure of the database was intended to facilitate access to the songbook and the artistic network in its surroundings; in the background the organization of the digital archive was preserved. To the materials contained in the archive, images and other data relevant to the documentation and contextualization of the artist’s path have been added, as far as availability.

Scientific director | Manuel Pedro Ferreira
Webmaster | Rui Araújo
Collaborators | Manuela Morilleau de Oliveira, Mariana Calado, Zuelma Chaves, João Tojeira, Patrícia Lopes