Database Musicians of the Franciscan Order

The Database Music OFM Portugal aims to provide specialized researchers with a list of online entries of musicians and composers from the Portuguese Franciscan Order, with respective biographical information and musical production.

It is also intended to provide images of musical manuscripts, guidelines and audio-visual files, whenever they exist, available, and do not interfere with legal copyright. If there are limitations derived from the current rights, the presentation of images will be limited to the first pages or the initial moments of the recordings.

In addition to Portuguese Franciscan musicians and composers, Franciscans of other nationalities and secular musicians who have resided or remained in the various Portuguese Provinces of the Franciscan Order for a more or less long period of time, and have contributed in a significant impact on musical activity in the Order.


Work group

Scientific director | Manuel Pedro Ferreira
Webmaster | Rui Araújo

General coordinator | Cristina Cota
Scientific consultants | Henrique Rema; Isidro Lamelas
Collaborators | António Vinhas