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II Meeting MUSAS – The Music of the Arts

The motto of the Meetings MUSAS – The Music of the Arts derives from a deviation and from a fold: starting from a decentration in relation to the practices and the knowledge of music, the purpose is to meditate on the perspective of other arts, and of the knowledge which take them by object, on the event and the sound experience.

We speak of muses – of how the music inspires – but that there is no misunderstanding: we also speak of mermaids. There is fascination and distrust, just as there is perplexity, in these tapping. Hence the following questions. What do you suggest, or what questions do you urge us to do, that the influence, the model, or the elusiveness of music are now hidden, sometimes summoned by other arts? What motivates such assessments? How are they reflected in practice? How do they reinforce or dissolve the binomials between space and time, inner and outer, subject and object, material and spiritual, roughness and softness, so often associated with meta-musical reflection? What does all this tell us, not only about what music is, but also about the obsessions and aspirations of these other arts?

The music of the arts: that is to say, music as it is heard, but also as imagined, transfigured or hallucinated by other arts – that is what we are interested in discussing.

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