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Concert and Launch of the book Paluí – Aveiro


INVITATION – Concert to launch the book Paluí: Journey through sound stories that the Portuguese language tells | Dec 14 @ 4:30 pm

It is not clear whether he is a boy, a bird, courage, a star, a city of the future, magic, toes or a giant hand … But he says that he is the son of love between a being that walks and a being that flies. And it has two hearts! Serolos, flying cars, animals of all shapes – twenty-centimeter cocks, sporting parrots, attentive jellyfish, many specimens of the animal-person – and sounds to taste and hear. A fantastic world in pages designed, written and told by hundreds of children from schools in Santa Maria Feira based on the music of the album Paluí. The result of a project that, with music as its cradle, aimed at the development of the Portuguese language and creative and written expression.

In this concert we try to taste Paluí fresh from the press. The materialization of an educational and artistic ideal that made areas like Plastic and Audio-Visual Expression ‘touch’, also revealing the imagery of DeCA Design students and teachers, by Joana Caspurro who ‘wove’ the stories and the poet Nuno Higino . Paluí, sprouted in classrooms, shows how learning is a lap of apparently disconnected people and realities: school and life, exercise and art, the real and the fantasy, the amateur and the professional, the childlike and the adult, the nursery school and the university, the room and the stage, the apprentice and the author, the notebook and the work.

Music, theater, image, video, color and animation… !!! Bring the family and come and travel Paluí! You can ‘listen’ here: www.palui.pt

Helena Caspurro

Assistant Professor at the Communication and Art Department

University of Aveiro