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Open call for Two PhD. Fellowships – CESEM

The Center for the Study of Sociology and Musical Aesthetics (CESEM) of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa is opening a call for two research grants, hereinafter referred to as Research Grants for PhD., in the area of ​​Historical Musicology, to the under the FCT Research Grants Regulation (RBI) and the Research Grant Holder Statute (EBI).

The grants will be financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) under the Collaboration Protocol for Financing the Multi-Annual Plan for Research Grants for Doctoral Students, signed between the FCT and the R&D Unit No. 693 Centro de Estudos de Sociology and Musical Aesthetics (CESEM).

The contest will be open between September 20th and October 8th, 2021, inclusive. Applications and supporting documents for the application provided for in this Notice of Opening of the Competition must be submitted, necessarily, by email sent to competitionsbolsasdoutoramento@fcsh.unl.pt, indicating the reference “BD2 CESEM” in the subject line.

Each candidate may submit only one application, under penalty of cancellation of all submitted applications. The provision of false declarations or the carrying out of acts of plagiarism on the part of the candidates are grounds for canceling the candidacy without prejudice to the adoption of other sanctioning measures.

See notice here.