Project “SuitNanoMusic”

The project “SuitNanoMusic: Suitability of nanomaterials for preservation of tangible musical cultural heritage” is one of the six projects that were selected for funding under the Call for the funding of Exploratory Projects in the frame of the associate laboratory IN2PAST 2023/2024 (Portugal). The consortium is coordinated by HERCULES Laboratory (HL), University of Évora and it is composed also of Centre for the Study of the Sociology and Aesthetics of Music (CESEM), NOVA University Lisbon and Institute of Contemporary History (IHC), unit of University of Évora. Principal partner of Suit NanoMusic is the National Museum of Músic (MNM; Museu Nacional de Música). The project team combines multidisciplinary knowledge of Chemistry, Conservation Science, Musical Iconography and Musicology, and Cultural Anthropology. The research team includes the researchers Penka Girginova (Principal researcher), Mathilda Coutinho, Helena Melo and Cristina Galacho from HL, Luzia Rocha – from CESEM and Ema Pires – from IHC and UFG (Brasil). With this project we pretend to study technical, musical, and sociocultural dimensions of the potential use of new materials for conservation and restoration of tangible musical heritage. In particular, selected from the NMM collection case studies of ceramic artefacts and traditional musical instruments will be explored. Aspects such as suitability and efficiencies of such materials in comparison to traditional restoring materials and their acceptance by artisans and conservators-restorers will be evaluated. Furthermore, the musical, sociocultural, and historical narrative behind the artefacts and instruments, their creation and function will be approached.