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Early music studies

The central focus of this research group is music up to the early 18th century, known, performed or preserved in the Iberian Peninsula and former overseas colonies, particularly that related to Portugal, with the aim of integrating knowledge of it in international musicological consciousness and discourse on early music. This includes the identification of relevant historical sources, musical or non‐musical, and their comprehensive study, making materials available through traditional media or the Internet and publishing musical collections and specific repertoires. It also implies an assessment of their social, cultural and geographical contexts, research into related aesthetic, theoretical and interpretative issues and the recovery of these repertories for performance. The group also fosters interdisciplinary training at an advanced level leading to an understanding and treatment of the sources and their contents. The working ethics of this group is based on the promotion of national and international cooperation, as well as open access to sources collected and the results of research.


Current Team


João Pedro d’Alvarenga (Principal Researcher)

Assistant Coordinator

Andrew Woolley (FCT Investigator)

Researchers holding a Doctorate degree

António Jorge Marques (Bolseiro Pós-Doc FCT), Alberto Medina de Seiça (Research Fellow); Bernadette Nelson (Principal Researcher); Elsa De Luca (Researcher); Esperanza Rodríguez-García (Researcher); Filipe Mesquita de Oliveira (Universidade de Évora); Graça Videira Lopes (Collaborator); João Vaz (Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa); Jorge Matta; José Maria Pedrosa Cardoso (Universidade de Coimbra, collaborator); Luísa Correia Castilho (Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas, Castelo Branco); Manuel Pedro Ferreira; Maria Adelaide Miranda (Collaborator); Océane Boudeau (Assistant Researcher); Pedro Couto Soares (Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa); Pedro Sousa Silva (Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo, Porto); Rui Araújo (Research technician); Sonia Gonzalo; Svetlana Poliakova (Postdoctoral fellow)

Doctoral students

Ana Gaunt (University of Oxford, UK); Cristina Cota; Diogo Alte da Veiga; Luís Henriques (Universidade de Évora, doctoral fellow); Manuela de Oliveira (doctoral fellow); Mariana Lima (PhD. Fellow, Cambridge, UK); Nuno Mendonça Raimundo (Research fellow-assistant); Zuelma Chaves (Research fellow-assistant)


Ana Dias: António Baptista; Carla Crespo (Research fellow-assistant); Cátia Paula Silva; Isabel Monteiro

Master’s students

Adriana Dias (BIC)

Funded projects

2021-2024 Texts and voices lost and found. Recovering, reconstituting, and recreating musical fragments (c.1100-c.1600), PTDC/ART-PER/0902/2020, Total funding: € 244.770,57. Research Team: João Pedro d’Alvarenga (PI), Manuel Pedro Ferreira (Co-PI), Andrew Woolley, Alberto Medina de Seiça, Bernadette Nelson, Carla Crespo, Diogo Alte da Veiga, Elsa De Luca, Kristin Hoefener, Maria Luísa Castilho, Nuno de Mendonça Raimundo, Océane Boudeau, Pedro Sousa Silva, Rui Araújo, Zuelma Chaves. 36 months starting 1 March 2021.

The Anatomy of Late 15th- and Early 16th-Century Iberian Polyphonic Music: An Overall Analysis, Philology and Critical Editing of Surviving Repertories, PTDC/CPC-MMU/0314/2014. Total funding: € 183.211,00. Research Team: João Pedro d’Alvarenga (PI), Bernadette Nelson, Emilio Ros-Fábregas, Isabel Pires, Kenneth Kreitner, Owen Rees, Tess Knighton, Zuelma Chaves, Esperanza Rodríguez-García (postdoc fellow). Research Assistants: Nuno Raimundo (BI); António Baptista (BIC 2017-18); Adriana Dias (2018-19). (2016-2019). Concluded.

The Historical Book Collection of Arouca Monastery: Recovery and Cataloguing, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Ref. 138407. Beneficiary institution: Real Irmandade da Rainha Santa Mafalda. Partner institution: INET-md. Total funding: € 19.840,00. Research Team: Manuel Pedro Ferreira (PI), Arnaldo de Pinho, Inês Correia, Adelaide Miranda, Vasco Negreiros, Ana Sá Carvalho, Teresa Lança Ruivo, Maria José Almeida Mendes, Dulcineia Trancho Loureiro. Research Assistants: Diogo Alte da Veiga, Zuelma Chaves. 2015-2016. Concluded.

Musical Exchanges, 1100-1650: The Circulation of Early Music in Europe and Overseas in Iberian and Iberian-Related Sources, PTDC/EAT-MMU/105624/2008. Total funding: € 150.000,00. Research Team: Manuel Pedro Ferreira (PI), Bernadette Nelson, João Pedro d’Alvarenga, Elena Sorban, Ivan Moody, Pedro Sousa Silva, Elsa De Luca, Diogo Alte da Veiga, Rui Araújo, Mara Fortu, Adriana Latino, Tess Knighton, Katherine Helsen, Owen Rees, Leandra Scappaticci. Research Assistants: Ana Sá Carvalho, Carla Crespo, Zuelma Chaves. 2010-2013. Concluded.

Anthology: Music in Portugal up to the Renaissance, Instituto das Artes, Apoios Pontuais 2007, PP07-331. Research Team: Manuel Pedro Ferreira (PI). 2007-2008. Concluded.

Digital Survey of pre-1600 Musical Sources, POCTI/EAT/46895/2002. Research Team: Manuel Pedro Ferreira (PI). Research Assistant: Diogo Alte da Veiga. 2005-2008. Concluded.

Cultural Confluences in the Music of Alfonso X, POCTI/EAT/38623/2001. Research Team: Manuel Pedro Ferreira (PI). Research Assistant: Rui Araújo. 2005-2008. Concluded.