Caravelas Nucleus

Coordinator: David Cranmer

From the moment of the discovery of Brazil, in 1500, until its independence in 1822, Portugal and Brazil were part of the same state. Since then, the two countries have continued to maintain more or less close ties in diplomatic, economic, social and cultural terms, resulting in a constant exchange of people and ideas at many levels. The music history of the two countries also has a lot in common. The Caravelas – Nucleus for the Study of the History of Luso-Brazilian Music seeks to consciously focus on the articulation between the two countries, as well as to foster interest in this field. It was founded within CESEM in 2008, having created a Pole Brazil in 2016, headquartered at the School of Music of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

The Caravelas Nucleus meets informally every year in an “Annual Symposium”, which allows members to share information about the Nucleus’ activities, as well as a session of informal presentations of collective or individual projects in progress and discussion about them. Approximately every two years it promotes a larger Congress. However, its main instrument for dissemination and exchange is its website:, which offers, among other things:

– the quarterly Newsletter (August, November, February and May), to which a large number of members contribute

– the minutes of the Congresses promoted by Caravelas

– the Caravelas Biographical Dictionary (in constant update)

– sheet music editions

– images (mainly old postcards) of musicians and places where music was made

– texts

– other resources

Caravelas works based on the free sharing of resources and knowledge. Everything is contributed free of charge and offered to the public in the same spirit.