Gonçalo Valente

Gonçalo Oliveira Pena de Freitas Valente

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Born in Vila Nova de Gaia, Gonçalo Valente completed, in 2020, his Specialized Artistic Education in Music, branch of Guitar, at the Academia de Música de Vilar do Paraíso. At the same institution, he joined the AMVP Guitar Orchestra, under the direction of conductor Augusto Pacheco, with which he performed in national and international venues, including Carnegie Hall in New York. He finished his degree in Musical Sciences at NOVA FCSH in 2023, having interned at Museu Nacional da Música at the invitation of Professor David Cranmer. As a student representative, he was one of the creators of the ‘Cluster de Ciências Musicais’ project. He is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Musical Arts at the same faculty, where he is also a student representative. His research interests focus on Psychoacoustics and Music and Cognition, and he is a member of the Contemporary Music Research Group of the Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical (CESEM). As a musician, he plays guitar and often comments on concerts with varied programs, having already given several performances throughout the country.