Luís Soldado

Luís Soldado


Researcher at the Center for Sociology and Musical Aesthetics, CESEM, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where he is developing projects related to the study and composition of contemporary opera and its new forms of communication. He completed his PhD in Composition as a fellow student of the Foundation for Science and Technology at the Royal College of Music in 2012 and returns to Lisbon in the same year.

His music has been programmed by various groups and orchestras, among them, Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa, London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Orquestra Clássica do Sul, RCM Sinfonietta, Orquestra Gulbenkian and Composers Ensemble.

Among his most recent works are the chamber opera “Hotel Suite”, with libretto by Rui Zink, premiered in 2011 in London, the soundtrack for the silent film “Os Lobos”, by Rino Lupo (order of the 2nd UK Portuguese Film Festival) premiered in 2011 at the Barbican Center in London, the “Fado Olissiponense” chamber opera, with libretto by Rui Zink, premiered in 2012 at the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, the street opera “Serei eu fugindo?”, with libretto by Rui Zink, premiered in 2013 as part of the Andar em Festa 2013 initiative, Edgar Allan Poe’s “O Corvo” chamber opera, premiered in 2015 and edited on CD in 2016 by Inestética and Álvaro de Campos’ “Tabacaria” chamber opera, premiered in 2017. “Tabacaria” will be edited on CD in 2018 by Inestética.

He currently holds the post of Associate Composer at the Orquestra Clássica do Sul, since 2015.

Publications and other outputs:


“Sisyphus” (2015), para quarteto de cordas, publicado pela Scherzo Editions.

“O homem das Três pernas” (2013), para violoncelo solo, publicado pela Scherzo Editions.

“All love letters are ridiculous” (2013), para soprano e ensemble, publicado pela Scherzo Editions.


“O Corvo” (2015) ópera de câmara. editado pela Inestética Companhia Teatral, 2016.