Mariana Vences

Mariana Barreiros Vences

Research Group

Born on 25 December 1990 in the district of Portalegre, at the age of 16 she entered the professional course in Music Production and Technology at ETIC. In her second year, following the studies she had started at the Portalegre Conservatory, she joined the transverse flute class of Professor Vasco Gouveia, who from then on would be her great mentor on the same instrument. In 2009 she was admitted to the Lisbon School of Music, where she took a degree in transverse flute. In 2013 she began a Master’s programme in Teaching Music Education in Primary Education at the FCSH, which she completed in 2015. During her career she has taken part in various transverse flute courses working with teachers such as Robert Winn, Jacques Zoon, Averil Williams and Samuel Coles, among others. As part of her education, she has also taken part in various workshops with Christopher Azzara, Beth Bolton, Marilyn Lowe and Paulo Rodrigues, among others. As a flautist, he has collaborated with various ensembles from classical music to jazz, such as: Youth Symphony Orchestra; Ensemble Mpmp; António Loureiro; Lars Arens; Tabanka Djazz; fiO Casulofl – theatre for babies, among others. He is a founding member of the ESML Transverse Flute Encounter.