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New releases in books (Amazon): Nicola Bizzo – Nucleus of Music Iconography NIM/CESEM

“Bohemian Rhapsody: Un’analisi nello spazio e nel tempo” is a detailed analysis of one of the most famous themes of the rock band Queen, with a historical context and a deepening in its structure, unprecedented in the musical and musicological areas. Concert variations of the theme are presented in detail and compared to the studio version. The musical and poetic sources of Mercury and his bandmates as well as the dramaturgy of musical conception are also addressed. The book also includes a general introduction to the Queen history and the various phases of the recording activity. The musical iconography is highlighted in a photographic appendix that presents images of the international versions of this theme, released in single in the format of 7 inches. A rich and extensive bibliography also allows researchers a basis for future studies within this theme.


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