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Absolute debut of “THE BIRDS ‘CONFERENCE”, Children’s Opera in 5 acts by Daniel Schvetz

June 17th and 18th, at CCB, Lisbon

“The birds of the world gather to search for Simorg, the king of birds, guided by the Poupa. It will be a long and dangerous journey … The first obstacle: the multiple resistances they raise, Poupa having to find arguments for the convince him to accompany her on this unknown adventure. To that end, and according to the questions, she uses tales, legends, poems, myths of the Sufi culture as a rhetorical resource, the author’s religious, mystical and cultural universe. Once the birds are convinced, the journey will come, the crossing of the seven valleys (from Quest – Talab -; from Love – Ischs -; from Knowledge – Ma’rifat -; from Independence – Istgma–; from Unit –Tauhid -; from Haunting – Hairat -; from Death – Fana -) , a route in which the majority will perish, be wounded, give up. Upon arriving at Simorg’s palace, they will be welcomed by a chamberlain who, seeing his appearance (plucked, dirty, hungry), begins to block their entrance, but, like the birds there remain immobile, ends up acceding to the request to see Simorg. then, to the highest room in the palace, in which they find themselves surrounded by mirrors and finally contemplate the Simorg. They see that Simorg are themselves and that they are Simorg themselves. “