Ondas em tons de azul, amarelo, verde e vermelho, em alusão ao oceano entre Portugal e o Brasil e às cores das bandeiras dos dois países

Mentions of CESEM and the Thematic History of Music in Portugal and Brazil project in the newspaper PÚBLICO

Regarding the critique O retorno da obra-prima: Gil Vicente segundo Joly, published by PÚBLICO on June 18, Manuel Pedro Ferreira mentions CESEM’s support during the preparation of a new musical edition of Joly Braga Santos’ Trilogia das Barcas in 2019-2020. This work was João Paulo Santos and Paula Coelho da Silva’s responsability. Later, an audio recording of the concert at the São Carlos National Theatre (initially planned for 2020, the 50th anniversary of the premiere, but realised only this year) was coordinated by CESEM and the Movimento Patrimonial pela Música Portuguesa. The resulting CD is accessible online as part of the future Thematic History of Music in Portugal and Brazil (an ongoing project).