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Bernadette Nelson


Bernadette Nelson

Senior Researcher
Bernadette Nelson is a senior researcher at CESEM-FCSH (Centre for the Study of Sociology and Aesthetics of Music) at the Universidade Nova, Lisbon, and is also affiliated with Wolfson College in Oxford. She has published widely on topics in Iberian and Franco-Flemish sacred polyphonic and instrumental music, institutional and contextual studies, musico-liturgical practice, sources studies, and the music of Morales and Noel Bauldeweyn. Much of her work is informed by a strong interest in the transmission and influence of Franco-Flemish polyphonic music in the Iberian Peninsula from the later 15th century onwards. Current institutional studies concern the Portuguese royal court and chapel, 15th-16th centuries, the 16th-century court of the Dukes of Braganza, and King João IV’s music library. She has participated in several research projects in music and the history of art financed by the Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT), Lisbon, including most recently ‘The Anatomy of Late 15th- and Early 16th-Century Iberian Polyphonic Music’ (2017-20). Publications include Cristóbal de Morales. Sources, Influences and Reception, co-edited with Owen Rees (2007), and Pure Gold: Golden Age Sacred Music in the Iberian World. A Homage to Bruno Turner, co-edited with Tess Knighton (2011). She is also coordinator of polyphonic sources for PEM, the Portuguese Early Music Database.

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Early Music Studies