Braulio Vidile (BD/09973/2022)

Braulio Martins de Andrade Cunha Vidile (BD/09973/2022)


Bráulio Martins de Andrade Cunha Vidile graduated in Accordion from the Mozart Conservatory in Santos (Brazil). He then studied for a degree in Artistic Education with a major in Music at the University of São Paulo (USP). He completed his degree with the research “The Formation of the Accordion’s Status in the Brazilian Urban Context,” which relates the moment of the accordion’s greatest diffusion to the growth of various nationalist regimes worldwide between the 1930s and 1960s. He completed two master’s degrees in performance at the Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini in Florence (Italy): Accordion, with the presentation of a Final Concerto and the research “Analysis of Improvisation nr 01 by Salvatore di Gesualdo” and Chamber Music, with the presentation of a Final Concerto and the research “Elements of the Accordion Bellows”.

As a musician, he has performed in Brazil in folkloric events such as Folia de Reis and Dança do Pau-de-Fita, accompanied MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) groups, and Brazilian dances and ranches from the Portuguese colony. In Europe, he has performed as a solo classical musician and in chamber music ensembles, as well as touring various countries with groups of klezmer music, chanson française, tango, Slavic and Balkan music, among other genres. He is currently a member of the contemporary music collective Baderna Moderna with musicians from the São Paulo Municipal Symphony Orchestra (Brazil).

He has worked as an accordion and music education teacher in ten Italian public preschools and primary schools, creating original musicalisation, composition, and musical theatre projects for over 80 classes. He was a pianist and accordion accompanist in Brazil at the Ballet School of the Municipal Theatre of São Paulo. In 2018, he created the Accordion course at the Tatuí Conservatory, the largest conservatory in Latin America. Currently, as well as teaching, he works as a pianist, multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar, concertina, ocarina, flutes, mouth harmonica, folk instruments from all over the world), composer, and arranger, and writer of theatre plays and poetry for children.