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Diogo Alarcão


Diogo Alarcão

Assistant Professor

Diogo Alarcão (born 1970 in Lisbon) has a degree in Engineering Physics and a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, in the topic of Room Acoustics and Virtual Acoustics (IST – University of Lisbon).
Presently, he is an Assistant Professor of the Lisbon School of Music (ESML – Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon) in the area of Music Technologies. He is a member of the Representatives Council and of the Pedagogic Council of the School.
Diogo is also a researcher of the Group of Acoustics and Noise Control of IST, where is has been a principal researcher for many years, giving additionally classes in the Master in Environmental Engineering, Master in Architecture and in the DFA in Acoustics of IST.
He is assistant co-ordinator of the Specialization in Acoustical Engineering of Ordem dos Engenheiros, co-ordinator of the technical standardising sub-commission “Physical Acoustics and Psychoacoustics” (CT28), member of the Portuguese Acoustical Society (SPA), and member of the EGC Expert Panel of the European Commission.
His area of expertise are the mathematical-physical models of the acoustics of enclosed and open spaces. He was responsible for the “Virtusound” project (real-time acoustic simulation and auralization of virtual spaces). Presently, he is responsible for the projects “ACUSVMOTTA – Determination of the objective acoustic quality of the Vianna da Motta Auditorium of ESML” and “AURA3D – 3D Auralization”.


D. Alarcão, O. Inácio – “Determination of room acoustics parameters using spherical beamforming – example of Lisbon’s Garrett Hall”, Applied Acoustics (submitted 2021).
D. Alarcão, P. Bello, O. Inácio – “On the Acoustics of the Vianna da Motta Auditorium in Lisbon”, Euronoise 2021, 25 27 October 2021 (e-congress).
D. Alarcão, J. Santos, O. Inácio – “Acoustic assessment of the Garrett Hall of the National Theatre D. Maria II in Lisbon, Acustica 2020, October 2020 (e-congress).
Alberto E. A. Ferreira, Diogo Alarcão – “Real-time blind source separation system with applications to distant speech recognition”, Applied Acoustics, Volume 113, 1 December 2016, pages 170–184.
D. Alarcão, D. Santos and J. L. Bento Coelho – “The Virtusound Platform”, Invited Paper, Forum Acusticum 2011, Aalborg, Denmark, June 2011.
D. Alarcão – “Acoustic Modelling for Virtual Spaces”, PhD Thesis, Instituto Superior Técnico – Technical University of Lisbon, November 2005.

Research Group:

Contemporary Music

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