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Gabrielle Silva


Gabrielle Silva

Orchestra Instrumentalist/Transverse Flute Teacher

Gabrielle Silva began her musical studies at the Valentim Moreira de Sá Music Academy in the class of teacher José Gil Magalhães where she finished Flute Transversal with 18 values. She graduated in Transverse Flute from the Higher School of Applied Arts of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco (ESART) under the guidance of teachers Katharine Rawdon and Paulo Barros, where she also finished the Transverse Flute with 18 values. He finished his Master’s in Artistic Interpretation, area of ​​specialization Transverse Flute at the Higher School of Music, Arts and Entertainment at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (ESMAE) with 17 values ​​in the class of teacher Ana Raquel Lima and also completed the Master’s Degree in Music Teaching in the area of specialization Transverse Flute and Ensemble Music at ESART in the class of teacher Katharine Rawdon where he finished the Transverse Flute with 18 values ​​and the Professional Internship with 20 values. He is currently attending the 3rd year of a Doctorate in Music and Musicology – Specialty Transverse Flute Interpretation with teacher Monika Streitová at the School of Arts of the University of Évora and has already completed the 1st Year which is equivalent to the “Doctoral Program Course in Music and Musicology”. In August 2020, she performed a “Transversal Flute Recital”, inserted in the Doctoral Program with Portuguese Repertoire of the 18th Century, at Cine-Teatro Avenida of Castelo Branco, with the following Guests: Maria Nascimento and Eduardo Proença.

He worked with the following conductors: José Paulo Freitas, Vítor Matos, João Paulo Santos (opera), João Paulo Janeiro (Old Music), Martin André, Rui Massena, Pedro Carneiro, Pedro Neves, Wolfgang Kurz, Maurizio Dini Ciacci, Jan Dobrzelewski, António Saiote, José Eduardo Gomes, Luís Carvalho, Paulo Martins, Jouke Hoekstra, Jonathan Grethen, Ernst Schelle, António Costa, Benjamin Lorenzo, Douglas Henderson, Verena Mösenbichler-Bryant, Kevin Sedatole, Johann Mösenbichler, Gianluca Marcianò, Jan Cober, Manuel Joaquim Silva, Luís Clemente, Joana Carneiro, Jean-Sébastien Béreau and Jan Wierzba.

She collaborated and was Selected in the following Orchestras:
Collaborated in the “Symphony Orchestra of ESMAE”;
Collaborated in the “Baroque Orchestra of ESART”;
Collaborated in the “ESART Symphony Orchestra”;
Participated in the “Young Symphony Orchestra Internship in Kaiserslautern” (Germany);
He collaborated in the “Templar Wind Orchestra” (Tomar);
Collaborated in the “Wind Orchestra of Canto Firme” (Tomar);
Collaborated in the “VIII International Course of Orchestral Art” 2012 (Aveiro);
Collaborated in the “Ötztal Symphonic Wind Orchestra” 2014 (Schladming – Austria);
Collaborated in the WYWOP – “World Youth Wind Orchestra Project” 2014 (Austria); Collaborated as 1st Piccolo in the “Portuguese Wind Orchestra” 2014 (Guarda);
Selected as Reinforcement in the “Northern Orchestra” in the years 2013 and 2014 (Amarante);
Collaborated with “The World Orchestra” (Spain);
Collaborated in the “World Music Day 2015 Show” with the “Orchestra of 100 Flutes, 100 Saxophones and 100 Clarinets” (Casa da Música – Porto);
Collaborated in the “Atlantic Coast International Youth Orchestra” 2016 (Esposende);
Selected as Reinforcement at the “Philharmonic Orchestra of Animato Foundation” in 2016 and 2018 (Zurich – Switzerland);
Collaborated in the EGO “Gulbenkian Internship for Symphony Orchestra ” 2016 (in 2013 she had already been selected as a reinforcement);
Collaborated in EUYWO “European Union Youth Wind Orchestra” 2015 and in 2017 – was selected again – (Luxembourg and Netherlands);
Collaborated in the “Al Bustan Festival Orchestra” 2017 (Beirut – Lebanon);
Collaborated in “Orchestra Excellence” 2017 (Lerici – Italy);
Selected as reinforcement at the “Neue Philharmonie Munchen” 2018 (Munich – Switzerland);
Collaborated in “L’ Orchestre Symphonique Universalis” 2019 (Casablanca – Morocco); He collaborates regularly with the “Camerata NOVNORTE” (ESMAE) – Invicta Classical Orchestra (Porto) and with the “Modern National Orchestra” (Gaia);
She is currently a Flutist in the following Orchestras: “Atlantic Coast Orchestra” (Orquestra da Costa Atlântica – Esposende) and Soloist B in the “Classical Orchestra of the Polytechnic of Porto”.

She participated in several Masterclasses with:
Pamela Stahel (Piccolo – Porto Flute Festival 2018); Gudrun Hinze (Piccolo); Jean-Louis Beaumadier (Piccolo); Marta Gonçalves (Traverso Flute); Geir Draugsvoll in Chamber Music with the Duo “ArtFlute” (flute and accordion); Research Hands On Flute 2017 (as listener – Aveiro); 4th Convention of the Asociación de Flautistas de España in Bilbao (as listener); Adriana Ferreira (as listener); 3rd Convention of the Asociación de Flautistas de España in Seville (as listener); Sílvia Careddu (as listener in the II Course of Perfection of Travesera Flute of Postgraduates in the Superior Conservatory of Music of Badajoz) and Emmanuel Pahud (as listener in Valladolid).
Christian Studler and Istvan Matuz (4th Flautué – Évora); Paolo Taballione; 5th Summer Flute Academy (ESMAE); Berten D’Holander; Thies Roorda; Reede’s Rien; Robert Winn; 1st Summer Flute Academy (Catholic University of Porto); 1st ESML Transverse Flute Meeting; Claudia Walker; Jacques Zoon; Pascale Feuvrier; Marc Hantai; Felix Renggli; Averil Williams; William Bennett; Thies Roorda; Marcos Fregnani; Fernando Rana; Katharine Rawdon; Ana Raquel Lima; Stephanie Wagner; Ana Maria Ribeiro; Cristina Anchel; Paulo Barros; Nuno Inácio; Vasco Gouveia and Gil Magalhães.

Obtained the following Awards:
1st place in the “In Crescendo – International Contest” 2018 (Tomar);
It passed to the Second Phase of the “Allegro Con Brio” Program 2016 (Improvement Program for Young Musicians – dgARTES).
Passed to the Second Round in the Chamber Music category Superior Level in the “Young Musicians Award 2011” with the Duo “ArtFlute” (flute and accordion – José Valente);
Second Prize in the Chamber Music Category at the “Folefest 2011 Contest” with the “ArtFlute” Duo (flute and accordion – José Valente);
Fourth Prize in the “I Young Artists of Early Music Competition 2011” (Linda-a-Velha) in the Chamber Music category (flute, singing, 2 violins, viola, 1 cello and harpsichord).
In 2019 she was one of the winners of the 1st Contest for Soloists of the 4th Flautué (in Évora), where she played Solo the “Concerto in G Major for Flute” by WA Mozart with the “Flautué Ensemble” under the baton of Conductor Jean-Sébastien Béreau and where he also gave a Lecture on his Final Thesis of the Master’s Degree in Music Teaching in the Specialization Area of ​​Transverse Flute and Ensemble Music with the Theme: “The Transverse Flute in the context of Modern Music: relevant repertoire for learning in Secondary Education ”.

Finally, at the end of the 2017/2018 Academic Year, she was part of the Jury of the Professional Aptitude Tests (PAP) of the finalist students of the Professional Music Courses (winds) taught at EPABI as a Personality of Recognized Merit.

Post-Doc/PhD/Master Thesis
Title PhD.: Repertório Português para Flauta Travessa do Século XVIII, com ênfase no contributo de Antonio Rodil. Abordagem Performativa na Flauta Moderna.

Monika Streitová

Pedro Couto Soares (c)


The Project presents a future Research Work that will focus on the research and approach of the musical environment, in which the composer Antonio Rodil was inserted, as well as on the existing repertoire for transceiver of the 18th century in Portugal, later deepening the contribution of Antonio Rodil as a flutist and composer. In order to better understand the organological issue, the study will present a comparative approach between the transverse flutes of the time, from the main builders working in Portugal (Haupt and Silva families) and one of European construction (Kirst), with a transverse flute built nowadays through the system of Theobald Böhm.
During the investigation, a series of interviews will be carried out with important personalities linked to pedagogy and the performance of the transverse flute, national and foreign, in order to contribute to a solid base of historically informed interpretation, defining the interpretative requirements of the time in question.
This research work will include the catalog of works from the Portuguese repertoire for transverse flute from the 18th century, classifying and assigning the levels of demand to each piece, so that it can be introduced in Portuguese musical education (secondary and higher) . In order to publicize the results of the work, a series of lectures will be held at various music schools in the country.
Finally, a historical investigation will be carried out on the life and work of Antonio Rodil, ending with interpretative analyses, as well as small recordings referring to some technical passages and even integral recordings, on a modern transverse flute, of the “Sei Sonate a Solo per Flauto Traversiero and Basso dedicate alla Maesta Fedellisima by D. Giuseppe I Re di Portogallo and de Algarve dal suo Musico di Camera Antonio Rodil”, as well as from “Sei duetti per due flauti traversi” by the same composer.

Keywords: Music of the 18th Century, Platter Flute, Interpretation, Antonio Rodil, Sonatas and Duos.

Thematic Lines and Research Nucleuses:

Music and Literature


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