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Gonçalo Pescada


Gonçalo Pescada


Gonçalo André Dias Pescada was born in Faro, on August 10, 1979. PhD with distinction in Music and Musicology at Évora University, in 2014, he also concluded his licenciate degree in Music at Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas (Castelo Branco), the Complementary Music Degree at Instituto Musical Vitorino Matono (Lisbon) and Professional Teaching Degree (M01 and M32) by Universidade Aberta. Gonçalo was distinguished with several prizes, among which: 1st Prize in the National Accordion Competition (Alcobaça, 1995), 1st Prize in the International Accordion Competition “Citá di Montese” (Italy, 2004) and 1st Prize in the Estoril Interpretation Competition (2006). He performed as a soloist with several orchestras, debuting and interpreting several works in first audition in Portugal. He was invited to participate in festivals of enormous prestige in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Bulgaria. He recorded for radio and television, including RDP Antena 2, RTP and Bulgarian National Radio and Television. His discography includes solo CDs, chamber music and solist with orchestra. He participated, as a judge and jury president, in master degrees exams and gave, as a lecturer, several conferences in the area of ​​music, spirituality, anxiety and school performance. Gonçalo has coordinated Seminars on Specific Didactics for Vocational Music Teaching at Évora University and also instrumental and chamber music masterclasses. Nowadays, he is Professor in the Music Department of Évora University.


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