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Guilhermina Lopes


Guilhermina Lopes

PhD. Student

Guilhermina Lopes has a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Music by the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil. Currently she is doing her Ph.D in the same institution, under the supervision of Dr. Lenita Nogueira, with a research project on Portuguese composer Fernando Lopes-Graça’s works on Brazilian themes. From september 2015 to july 2016 she did a “Sandwich Project” at CESEM with a scolarship by CAPES, under the supervision of Dr. Mário Vieira de Carvalho. She is currently collaborator researcher at CESEM, member of the research group “Música, Teoria Crítica e Comunicação” (Music, Critical Theory and Communication) and also participates in the thematic project “O Musicar Local” (Local Musicking), based in the Universities of Campinas (UNICAMP) and São Paulo (USP) and financed by FAPESP. She has participated in several national and international academic symposiums and conferences, presentig papers in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Chile. She also studies singing with Dr. Angelo Fernandes and participates in “Coro Contemporaneo de Campinas”, a chamber choir based in UNICAMP.


LOPES, Guilhermina. As claridades e sombras da música portuguesa: teleologia e contingência na concepção de História de Fernando Lopes-Graça. Anais do XXVI Congresso da Associação Nacional de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação em Música – Belo Horizonte, 22 a 26 de agosto de 2016. artigo.

LOPES, Guilhermina; NOGUEIRA, L.W.M. As Dezassete canções tradicionais brasileiras, de Fernando Lopes-Graça: homenagem de um nacionalista da contracorrente ao país irmão. 2014. (Apresentação de Trabalho/Comunicação). Congresso Internacional Música e Imaginários Partilhados: Nacionalismos, comunidades e canto em coro. Universidade de Aveiro, 30 de outubro a 01 de novembro de 2014. artigo.

LOPES, Guilhermina; GIESBRECHT, E; NOGUEIRA, L.W.M. Onde começa a música brasileira? Olhares da historiografia musical e da etnomusicologia. In: II Simpósio Brasileiro de Pós-Graduandos em Música, 2012, Rio de Janeiro. Anais do II SIMPOM, 2012. artigo.

LOPES, Guilhermina; HORA, E. P. A modinha e a busca do caráter nacional no livro. In: Congresso Internacional ‘A Língua Portuguesa em Música’, 2012, Lisboa. Atas do Congresso Internacional “A Língua Portuguesa em Música”, 2012. p. 111-117. artigo.

Post-Doc/PhD/Master Thesis
Title PhD. Thesis: [provisional title] Alterity as critique of exoticism in Fernando Lopes-Graça's musical works on Brazilian themes
Scholarship Reference: CAPES (03/2014 - 08/2015 e 08/2016 até a presente data)/PDSE-CAPES (09/2015 a 07/2016)

The aim of this project is to discuss the construction of alterity in Fernando Lopes-Graça’s musical works on Brazilian themes, especially his view of musical exoticism, considering the historical and aesthetical context, his compositional approach of the thematic material, the statements on Brazilian music and musicians in his literary works and correspondence and interviews with some musicians that worked with the composer. As a secondary objective and research unfolding, I intend to analyze Lopes-Graça’s conception of and relation with locality and how it affects his musical approach to other cultures. This part of the research is developed as part of the thematic project “Local Musicking”, based in the Arts Institute of the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), in the Brazilian Studies Institute (IEB) and in the Laboratory for Image and Sound in Anthropology (LISA), both in the University of São Paulo (USP).

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