Iskrena Dimova Yordanova

Iskrena Dimova Yordanova


Obtained her master-degree in violin and chamber music at Bulgarian National Academy of Music and afterwards specialized the baroque violin. Presented solo recital concerts in various European countries and performed with famous baroque ensembles such as Academia 1750 (Barcelona), Ensemble Baroque de Limoges (Paris) and Il Giardino Armonico (Milan). Since 1996 is a member of the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, and since 2004 is a founder and concertmaster of Divino Sospiro Baroque Ensemble. Recorded various CD’s for Decca, Nichion, Dynamic, Arcana (Outhere) and Pan Classics. Gave masterclasses in Portugal and Italy, and between 2010 and 2013 coordinated the master-degree programme in baroque violin at The University of Évora. In 2013 obtained her PhD degree in musicology at The University of Évora. Her main scientific interest includes Portuguese and Italian 18-century repertoire, and she edited various works by Pedro Antonio Avondano, David Perez, Niccolò Jommelli, João Cordeiro da Silva, João de Sousa Carvalho, among others. Participated in international musicological congresses in Portugal, Italy and Austria, and is a member of the Portuguese and the Italian Musicological Societies. Since 2014 she is director of research of Divino Sospiro-CEMSP and is responsible for the project of recuperation of the Serenatas written for the Royal Palace of Queluz. Organized 6 international colloquiums held with big success at Queluz National Palace. In 2014 was a curator of the exposition “Della Gloria, e dell’Amor – Olhares sobre a Obra de Niccolò Jommelli (1714-1774) em Portugal”, held at São Carlos National Opera Theatre. Since 2018 is responsible editor for the series Cadernos de Queluz, edited by Hollitzer Verlag (Austria).

Publications and other outputs:

Della Gloria e dell’Amor – Olhares sobre a Obra de Niccolò Jommelli (1714-1774) em Portugal – catálogo da exposição (ed. Iskrena Yordanova), OPART E.P.E., Lisboa, 2014, ISBN 978-989-97177-1-8

L’isola disabitata de David Perez, edição crítica de Iskrena Yordanova, Istituto Italiano per la Storia della Musica, Roma, 2017, ISBN 978-88-95349-22-0

Le stagioni di Niccolo Jommelli – ed. Maria Ida Biggi, Francesco Cotticelli, Paologiovanni Maione, Iskrena Yordanova, Turchini Edizioni, Nápoles, 2018, ISBN 978-888-94911-6-4

Serenata and Festa Teatrale in 18th century Europe, Cadernos de Queluz vol. I – ed. Iskrena Yordanova e Paologiovanni Maione, Hollitzer Verlag, Viena d’Áustria, 2018, ISBN 978-3-99012-519-9