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João Francisco Porfírio


João Francisco Porfírio

PhD Candidate

João Francisco Porfírio is currently a Musicology PhD Candidate at NOVA FCSH and a PhD Grant holder FCT (SFRH / BD / 136264/2018). He completed his Master’s Degree in Musical Arts at the same institution with the dissertation ‘Sounds Like Home’ – the domestic soundscapes in the construction of daily life and as object of composition. At CESEM he is a member of the Critical Theory and Communication Group of SociMus (Group of Advanced Studies in Sociology of Music) and Cysmus (Group of Advanced Studies in Music and Cyberculture), where he develops research on subjects related to ambient music and landscapes sound of domestic everyday life.

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Post-Doc/PhD/Master Thesis
Title M.A.: (in development) 'Sounds Like Home' - the domestic soundscapes in the construction of daily life and as object of composition

Paula Gomes Ribeiro

Scholarship Reference: [:pt]SFRH/BD/136264/2018[:]

Domestic daily life is built in a multisensory way. However, companies selling home-building articles, while offering products that appeal to the various senses, still have few options regarding hearing. On the other hand, on YouTube, there are sound proposals designed for domestic use and created in an almost individualized way. Taking into account the increasing appearance and multiplicity of this type of products, it is pertinent to explore how they are articulated with domestic everyday life. Thus, using a multidisciplinary theoretical framework, focusing on the Sociology of Music and Sound Studies – and articulating the analysis and application of the products concerned with the sensorial ethnography – I intend to map these models of sound communication, catalog the sounds that are part of domestic life and propose a model of communication in which sound is used as an object of decoration.

The dissertation included in the context of the Masters in Musical Arts of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the New University of Lisbon, has as main objectives to question and theorize:
– The role of domestic soundscapes as an object of construction of identity, memory, reality and the sense of comfort / discomfort.
– The use of objects that constitute the domestic soundscapes as the basis for sound compositions that can be used in the domestic space and transported to other contexts.

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