Luiz Castelões

Luiz Eduardo Castelões Pereira da Silva

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The music of Brazilian composer Luiz Castelões blends Brazilian musical traditions with contemporary compositional techniques, and the Pop world. Main awards include: 1st place at the International Composition Contest of the Hermes Music Foundation & Amsonia New York City (2023), 3rd place at MAP – International Music Competition (Los Angeles, 2023), 3rd place at Amadeus Composition Competition (Vienna, 2023), 1st place and selected composer at the XIV and XXIV Brazilian Contemporary Music Biennials (2001 and 2021), semifinalist at Rádio MEC Festival (2020), Ibermúsicas (2015), honourable mention from the UFRJ School of Music (2012), and Boston University (“Music by living composer” [pianist B. Oglice], 2007). Recent performances of his music have been given in more than a dozen countries, by pianists such as Milica Lawrence (Malta, 2023), Aki Fujii (Japan, 2020-22), and Donald Berman (USA, 2021), and by ensembles such as Aulos Flute Ensemble (Iceland, 2021-23), East Chamber Music (Canada, 2022), Roadrunner Trio (Netherlands, 2020), Ensemble Linea (France, 2019), Aleph Gitarrenquartett (Spain, 2019), Ecce Ensemble (France, 2018), Ensemble Mise-En (South Korea, 2017-18), Quartetto Maurice (Italy, 2014-16), and Mivos Quartet (Spain, 2015). His main compositional interests include: Algorithmic Composition, Image-to-Music Conversion, Musical Onomatopoeia, and Brazilian danceability and corporeality.


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