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Maria João Neves


Maria João Neves

Professora Associada em rescisão por fecho da instituição

Maria João Neves finished her lecturing career has an Associate Professor of the Afonso III Institute. She is a PhD in Contemporary Philosophy (2002) with a thesis on María Zambrano. She did a Post-Doctorate in Musical Aesthetics (2016). During this investigation she verified the possibility of application of the phenomenology of dreams to the virtual time of music. She is an integrated researcher of the Center of Studies in Sociology and Musical Aesthetics of Nova University of Lisbon (CESEM -UNL). She has published several books, articles for scientific journals and translations. She is the correspondent for the Algarve of the musicology journal Glosas covering all the Lusophone space. She is a referee for the philosophy journal Aurora of the University of Barcelona. She wrote a book of her method of Philosophical Counselling Método RVP©, published by the Piaget institute in 2009. Her philosophical councelling practice, existing since 2006, is integrated in the health net of Tavira. She writes a monthly column at the Cultura Sul newspaper titled “Philosophy Day by Day” and organizes Philosophical Cafes in several cities of the Algarve.


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