Pedro Gonçalves

Pedro Henrique Fernandes Gonçalves

Research Group

Pedro Gonçalves, born in Funchal in 1995, has a Master’s degree in Teaching Musical Education in Elementary Education from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of Nova de University of Lisbon. The course was finished with the average result of 18 and the Supervised Teaching Practice was finished with the result of 19. He has graduated in Music in the Community in a partnership between the Lisbon School of Education and the Lisbon School of Music of the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon. During his training, he implemented the project “Há Música no Lar” (traduced as “There is Music in the Nursing Home”) in a nursing home in Lisbon, which aroused his interest in the impact of music practice on the elderly. He is interested in the physical, cognitive, social and musical results, and the increase in the quality of life that musical activities promote in this age group.
During his bachelor’s degree, he joined the Erasmus + program in Prague, Czech Republic. He also attended Subjects of Music Psychology and Music Pedagogy at the Faculty of Pedagogy of Charles University in Prague. He also attended the Charles University Orchestra and Smíchovská Komorní Filharmonie as a violinist.
Pedro Gonçalves also has a special interest in traditional Portuguese and Madeiran music, and classical music for traditional Madeiran chordophones. He practices braguinha, rajão and viola de arame, three traditional instruments of Madeira Island and have been collaborating with musical groups in concerts and CD recordings. He published a book with his original compositions for braguinha entitled “As Músicas do Meu Braguinha – 20 peças progressivas para braguinha ou machete”, and has been a guest speaker and trainer at various events related to this matter.