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Rui Araújo


Rui Araújo

CESEM Position: Integrated researcher
Research Technician/Early Music Performer

Graduated in musicology at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the New University of Lisbon in 2005, worked as a research assistant on a project in CESEM (Research Center of Music Sociology and Aesthetics) concerning the Cantigas de Santa Maria (POCTI/EAT/38623/2001) and was a researcher associated to the project “Musical Interchange, 1100-1650: The circulation of early music in Europe and overseas in Iberian and Iberian-related sources”, PTDC/EAT-MMU/105624/2008. His PhD thesis studies musical continuities between the Cantigas and the repertoire of the Iberian renaissance music, mainly on the villancicos. Also has developed several databases in CESEM, as part of his role has IT Research Technician. Also studied in Oporto, as a musician, at the Superior School of Music and Performance Arts in the Early Music Department, in the plucked strings instruments area (Lute, Theorbo and Vihuela da mano), focusing in music of the Iberian Peninsula and working with several Early Music ensembles naming Américantiga and Tagus Ensemble, performing Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Music.


«Trouvère Elements in the Cantigas de Santa Maria», Musical Exchanges, 1100-1650: Iberian Connections, Reichenberger, Kassel, 2016, pp. 69-86.

«O laudário de Cortona (Cortona 91)», Itinerarium – Revista Quadrimestral de Cultura, Editorial Franciscana, vol. LX nº 209 (Maio – Agosto 2014), pp. 451-56.

Tomás Pereira (1646-1708): um jesuíta na China de Kangxi (ed.: Luís Filipe Barreto), s.v.: “Notices biographiques et analytiques sur les musiciens célèbres nés au Portugal, Jules Vasseur”, Centro Científico e Cultural de Macau-FCT, Lisboa, 2009, pp. 116-17. [Entrada de catálogo].

«A problemática das fontes da lírica musical medieval galego-portuguesa» in I Congreso Galego Mocidade Investigadora, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, 2007, pp. 265-70.

Research Group:

Early Music Studies

Thematic Lines and Research Nucleuses:

Palaeography and Musical Edition

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Figure 1 – Detail of the Cantiga de Santa Maria 170 Illumination, Codex E.

Figure 2 – Vilancico “Daca bailemos” – Juan del Encina, MS-II-1335, ff. 201v-202.

Figure 3 – Americantiga Ensemble – Concert at 29th Season “Música em São Roque” – SCML, 12/11/2017,  Convent of S. Pedro de Alcântara Church, Lisbon.